Antenatal Active Birth Empowerment Class

Antenatal Active Birth Empowerment Class


Amber Catalogue

Cognac Baroque – rounded beads


Cognac beans – larger oval beads


Lemon Baroque – rounded beads


Rainbow Baroque – rounded beads


Cherry beans – larger oval beads


Mixed beans – larger oval beads


Olive beans – larger oval beads


To order email or buy from Earthmother Organic, 106 Bulwer rd in Glenwood, Durban.

For more info on amber click here

Amber teething necklaces

Amber is associated with sunlight and warmth and is reputed to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing of wounds and is thus the perfect help for babies and toddlers who wear it when they are teething.

How it works?

When a baby is wearing a teething necklace on the skin, the skin’s warmth releases healing oils from the amber (a resin) which are absorbed via the skin into the bloodstream. Amber is not a stone and therefore warm to the touch, as well as very comfortable and light to wear. Children wearing amber is a very old traditional custom in Europe and the Far East. Amber is known to reduce inflammation of the throat, ear and stomach and to fight inflammation, infections and respiratory disease.

ImageTraditional beaded amber necklaces are a less intrusive remedy for the pain and side effects of teething, such as lack of appetite, upset tummies, ear ache, fevers and colds. A natural analgesic, amber will help calm a baby without resorting to drugs. Amber’s anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties are also recognized by allopathic medicine. The healing properties of amber include calmative, analgesic, antispasmodic, expectorant, and febrifuge (anti-fever) functions.

When can my baby start wearing the necklace?

The necklace may be worn from 8 weeks and up. Although you can start you child wearing this necklace at any time, the earlier the better. If your child wears it at a young age they will not even know it is there and they will not touch it or pull on it.

Sizes colours and shape of stones and the length of the necklace may vary from necklace to necklace. These are natural, Genuine Baltic amber stones.
Every bead is knotted in between to prevent choking hazards. Strung on silk matching the amber colour, every necklace uses a twist screw-in clasp for safety. The string is very strong and breaking is unlikely to happen, even if the necklace would break only one bead would come off. The Baby Amber necklace beads are light and small. The bead is therefore too small for a baby/child to choke on. But, if a baby/child should swallow a bead from the Baby Amber necklace, it won’t be harmful since it is not poisonous. It used to be ground up and swallowed in medicinal mixtures.

They are not designed for chewing and require parental supervision at all times.

See Dr Mom’s catalogue of available necklaces

NATURSUTTEN All Natural Pacifier

I have always encouraged my babies to use dummies. I believe babies need to suck to soothe and if they are not offered a dummy they will suck thumbs or fingers. It has been my experience that throwing away or ‘losing’ the dummy is way easier than discouraging thumb or finger sucking. There is also research to suggest that sucking a dummy reduces SIDS.

Öko Afrika sent me one of their NATURSUTTEN Butterfly rounded pacifiers. Their dummies are made from 100% pure natural rubber from the tree Hevea brasiliensis. They are very soft and are very hygienic because they are moulded in one piece without joints or cracks where dirt and bacteria can accumulate.

The design, the company and the idea is Danish and the products are manufactured exclusively in Italy.

ImageThe BUTTERFLY dummy I was sent is different from the original in that the original NATURSUTTEN pacifier was designed with a large shield which touches baby’s nose gently therefore simulating the same secure feeling that a he/ she has during breastfeeding. The BUTTERLY is shaped a little under the nose. I liked that it does not leave marks on my baby’s face’ that it is a natural product and that it is environmentally friendly. My baby took to it immediately, and was quite happy with it once she got over the novelty of pulling on the loop which does stick out quite prominently.
I did, however, find that the dummy tends to stick to itself over time and go a little flat, and the rubber has developed a crack along the teat. The company does recommend replacing them every 6-8 weeks though, so mine has lasted quite well.


AngelLove Muslins

When I had my first 3 children, I was always a little perplexed when I saw other moms with their Muslin cloths. I didn’t have babies who spat up often and I thought that was their primary use. But when Angel Love sent me some of their beautiful Rainbow and Cozio Muslins, I was absolutely converted. They are made from super soft 100% cotton and come in 2 sizes.


The Rainbow muslins are 60 x 60cm and the Cozio are 90 x 90cm. The colours are gorgeous and they stay bright after many washes. We have a turquoise and an orange smaller one and my favourite is our bright purple cozio. The larger ones make the best blankets for summer – those evenings where you need a light cover to keep the slight chill off but don’t want baby to get hot. They are also big enough for swaddling, which is great for those early newborn days. The smaller ones are so useful as bibs that are easy to tuck under a chin and whip out again.

Their website has the following list of uses:

– keeping baby clean whilst feeding Image
– protecting your clothes when winding 
– putting under baby’s head in cot 
– lining a cold changing mat
– wash cloth
– security blanket
– swaddling your baby
– burp cloth
– sheet
– play Mat
– towel
– light-weight blanket
– lining your pushchair

I would also add that they are a lovely, lightweight cover for breastfeeding in public, and they fold up really small for keeping in your nappy bag.

Pop over  Angel Love for ordering info

Eco Nappy Solutions

Late last year, Eco Nappy Solutions sent me a sample of their Bamboo cloth nappies. Being the busy working mother of 4, I used it, loved it, and forgot to post the review *blush*

First impressions: This nappy is gorgeous! The one sent to me had the cutest Fifi Lapin rabbit outer, with a very soft charcoal Bamboo Fibre Micro-Polar Fleece. This nappy is from their Babyland range. The nappy is a one size pocket diaper, meaning that it consists of two parts – the pocket and the insert.


I was sent a sample of both inserts available in this range. Both are 5 layers bamboo material. The outer material is either Bamboo cotton in white or Bamboo Fibre Micro-Polar Fleece in Charcoal, and 3 layers of micro-fibre in the middle. According to the website, the white inserts are made from bamboo cotton material.  It is bleached and a bit softer.  Some mothers like this so that they can monitor the colour of their baby’s urine. The grey inserts are made from bamboo charcoal material, are in their original colour, so it hasn’t been bleached and is slightly more absorbent, but also a little bulkier than the white insert. At first the inserts felt quite bulky, but once in the pocket, they give quite a slim fit.

Performance: I always double stuff my pocket diapers so I used both inserts at the same time. The nappy fitted well, was snug but not tight around the legs and we experienced no leaks. The micro-polar fleece kept my baby really dry even when the nappy was plainly wet.

The nappies fasten with snaps, not Velcro, but there are more than enough snaps in the right places for you to achieve a good fit no matter how big or small your child is.

The website offers a variety of packages which are really affordable and the nappies come in so many lovely colours and patterns. They also sell minky outer nappies.

I was also sent the cutest pair of training pants. They offer more absorbency than normal underwear, but like underwear, they must be changed as soon as they are soiled or wet. The waterproof lining does not cover the whole area. These pants can be used as a swimming nappy. We are not quite at the potty training stage yet but I will keep you posted.


I was intrigued to see that they also stock pull up nappies which are more absorbent than the training pants, have snaps to adjust the rise and act like a normal nappy in that it is fully waterproof and doesn’t need to be changed immediately. I haven’t seen a similar product and I hope to bring you more details about it!



Being a doula means…

Whilst getting ready to go out to see a movie today, I thought about all the extra considerations I had to make because I’m on call…which led to thinking about all the things that doulas do as a matter of course and what it means to be a doula…

Being a doula means leaving the house with a doula kit, foetal monitor and a change of clothes that is comfortable and presentable; clothes you don’t mind getting blood or bleach on.

It means always booking the aisle seat at the movies and holding your cell phone, set to vibrate, on your lap in case you get ‘the call’.

It means having a back-up person to be available to take your child to their paediatrician appointment and to sit in on parents’ meeting at school.

It means having someone on standby to do the school pick up run if you’re at a birth.

Being a doula means sleeping with your cell phone next to your bed and not knowing when you get into bed, whether you’ll stay there ’til morning.

It means writing notes to your children when you leave in the middle of the night for them to read in the morning because they “miss your good morning” when you’re gone.

It means icing a cake at 2am for the birthday party the next day when you’ve been awake for 40 hours straight.

Sometimes it means missing the birthday party altogether.

Being a doula means singing at the top of your lungs and eating rice cakes for their noisy crunch to stay awake on the long drive home after a birth.

It means getting to recognise the night staff at your local petrol station.

Being a doula means carrying each mom in your heart at all times, thinking about them, worrying about them, feeling their anticipation.

              But being a doula also means being present the moment a baby comes Earthside and takes their first breathe…over and over again.

It means being the sister or mother and holding a woman through the most important day of her life.

It means telling a woman over and over again that when she says “I can’t”, she actually is.

It means holding a space for her to recognise her own power and witnessing the moment she trusts herself and her body enough to let go and let her instinct take over.

It means seeing the light in her eyes when she reaches down during pushing and feels the soft, slippery velvet of her baby’s head for the first time.

Being a doula means watching a man face his fear that he could lose the woman he loves and the child he hasn’t met in a process he doesn’t fully understand, but remain present and supportive and loving.

It means driving home, watching the sun rise over the sea, with the image of the new family you left tucked up in their babymoon-bed still in your mind.

It means respecting the fact that you have been invited to be present at the most intimate moment – the birth of a family.

Being a doula is not a job. It is a way of life.

 It is to trust birth and women and Nature, and to want to be part of that journey every day.

It is to respect the innate wisdom of birth and the mystery of life.

Being a doula is the ultimate privilege