Meet Dr Mom

imag0029I have always had an interest in natural medicine, and after seeing wonderful results that family members were getting from a homoeopath, I decided that this was what I wanted to study. I had already studied aromatherapy and reflexology but when I started studying homoeopathy, it was a truly enlightening experience. I began to understand and respect the innate wisdom of the body and our own inborn healing capacity. I graduated from the Durban University of Technology with a masters degree in Homoeopathy. In my practice, I have always had a natural affinity for my women and children patients (not that I don’t treat men!). I love treating children because they are so responsive to the medicine and often  results can be seen in a matter of hours. Parents always comment that it is so easy for them to administer the medicines because most of them taste like sugar.

In 2007, a friend of mine had a very traumatic birth experience at a government hospital, and I was there to support her through it. I was appalled by her experience – I have had 3 home births, and each birth was beautiful and empowering. At each birth, I had the assistance of a doula, and after each birth I felt such gratitude for her support that I wanted to do the doula training myself; but starting a course when you have a newborn baby is just not the right time, so I had put it off. My friend’s experience was the push I needed to get going and finally do the course. I completed ten training births before I began practicing on my own and have now attended many, many births. Each one, however, is a unique and beautiful experience. I feel greatly honoured to witness the miracle of birth and to support this process on such a regular basis.

I am very passionate about my work and attend regular workshops and conferences to improve my knowledge and learn new tricks to help my patients. I am blessed to do something that I truly love, and to make a difference in peoples’ lives.


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